Summary 90 + 90 days of #cleanse4expansion

BoldomaticPost_cleanse4expansionGPS status on what’s been accomplished after 90 + 90 days of the Create The Impossible-project called #cleanse4expansion, where I am going for a complete cleanse of my physical home as well as my digital vistas, to blog daily and get 500 000 blog views.

What have I done – physical home:
I mentally divided my home into 13 parts. Of these 13 a total of 12 are completely done (meaning everything has been sorted through, organized, trash thrown away, stuff I/we don’t need/want donated, and everything is in it’s place). The 12 parts are as follows: master bedroom, upstairs toilet, bedrooms of my two children, hallway, dining room, living room, kitchen, basement hallway, laundry room, bathroom, attic. The only remaining room is the (former) boiler room. Which is kind of funny, because I did a sort of pre-cleansing project there a few months before this course started. Perhaps that’s when the seed for this project got planted?
I didn’t reach my target of a complete physical house cleanse, but damned close. However, in the 90 extra days of #cleanse4expansion I only got my son’s bedroom done, and made minor dents on the stuff in the boiler room. So I definitely didn’t have the physical home in focus during the extra 90 days.

What have I done – digital vistas:
Evernote is still under control, and the ongoing process to keep the inbox zeroed has really settled into my daily routine.
Work email also still under control, and as with Evernote, have gotten the habit of zeroing it down pat.
Contacts still not started, and there’s a lot of those as well.
Personal Gmail is still not really something I’ve looked properly at, but I have gotten into the habit of zeroing this as well.
Dropbox started. Still a ways to go.
Camera roll in IPhone under control. Habit of keeping the camera roll in check is gradually settling in.
Photos. Ah well. Apple made the switch to Pictures on the desktop, which Iäm not altogether happy with. Should book another one-to-one at Apple Emporia to get a proper introduction! These are the major digital vistas as far as I am concerned, but there are more, I know. All in due time!
Not even close to this target, but with Evernote, Dropbox and emails in much better – continuous – shape makes me take it all in stride. Doing a little bit on a regular basis makes a big difference in the long run. So that’s how I’ll keep this momentum going. The extra 90-day period has definitely been habit-building.

What have I done – blog:
I’ve blogged daily and then some, with a total of 219 blog posts for the 90 + 90 day period.
This very minute there’s been 4677 views on the blog. With a target of 500 000 views in 90 days I fell short but who care’s right?
The promise to blog daily was kept, and that’s something I’m very happy about. Because I never blogged without having done a daily cleanse!

Bonus – garden:
Once the extra 90 days started, the weather started to get nicer, so I did some daily cleanses in the garden, for which I am very happy actually. I think the neighbors are as well, even though some of them probably would have liked it if all my cleanses had been garden-devoted. 🙂

All in all – I’ve had a blast of a time, up until about halfway through the second 90-day period. Got into a bit of a rut then, which sort of made it less energizing to pursue my daily cleanses. Hung in there though, and feel good about what I’ve accomplished, all I’ve learned, insights I’ve gotten and the feel of both my physical and digital home. And best of all – my relationship with the word impossible has totally changed for the better, let me tell you!

By the way – the 90 + 91st day felt great. That was the first day in 180 days that I didn’t have #cleanse4expansion on my mind. If I got anything done that day despite this fact? Hell yeah!

This blog post is a part of the #cleanse4expansion-project initiated by Helena Roth as a part of the Create the impossible-online course that started January 11th, 2015. The aim of the project is to do a physical and digital cleanse, to enable spiritual expansion, and also to get 500 000 page views on the blog. The course ended on April 10th, and after that Helena embarked on another 90-day stint of #cleanse4expansion. Day 90 + 90 occurred on July 9th, and as of then, only occasional posts will turn up here. Perhaps. Or perhaps not. Who knows?


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