Mini-cleanse: Bedroom bookshelf

Last night I heard a somewhat fed up voice stating: There’s books all over the bedroom…
And even though I have to say, the bookshelf actually looks fairly decent, compared to what it looked like a year ago, I figured it would be a good idea to get started on the activity in my Trello checklist for this mini-cleanse, entitled Bookshelf by the wardrobe. minicleanse bookshelf

Said and done, I got down to it, and managed to clean out almost a shelf of books that I no longer feel belong in my home (bottom right in the photo above, will be donated).Books to read 2016

However, I did something else as well. As I was dusting and sorting out the books, some really called out for me. So I put those aside, and ended up with this lot of 36 books, ranging from poetry, to school development, to philosophy and everything in between. These I put on a separate shelf in the book case and I intend to read these this year.

I went for many years without buying books, but suddenly books are calling out to me again. Thing is, then I don’t read them. And even though osmosis might work a bit, I do think I would get more from them by actually picking them up to read! I will likely try to blog about it/them, either over at my Swedish site (since 12 of the books are in Swedish) or at my new English site. Have you read any of these books? Any you strongly recommend? Or the opposite, any books here you think I should ditch from my reading-list for 2016?

This blog is a part of the #cleanse4expansion-project initiated by Helena Roth as a part of the Create the impossible-online course that started January 11th, 2015. The aim of the project was to do a physical and digital cleanse, to enable spiritual expansion, and also to get 500 000 page views on the blog. The course ended on April 10th, and after that Helena embarked on another 90-day stint of #cleanse4expansion. Day 90 + 90 occurred on July 9th, and as of then, only occasional posts will turn up here. Perhaps. Or perhaps not. Who knows? However, this post is part of the mini-cleanse in January 2016, with a fixed agenda.


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